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Scientific and research Video conference Russia-USA

«Problems of cattle-breeding development in the XXI century»

Russian participants

  • All-Russian research institute of Physiology, Biochemistry and Nutrition of farm animals
  • All-Russian Institute of Agricultural Radiology and Agroecology
  • Kaluga Research, Design and Technology Institute of Agro-industrial Complex
  • Russian State Agrarian University - MTAA named after K.A.Timiryazev (Kaluga Branch)
  • All-Russian Research institute of cattle breeding
  • All Russian Research institute of experimental Veterinary Science named after Y.R.Kovalenko
  • Representatives from farmers' companies of Moscow and Kaluga regions

American participants

  • University of Minnesota
  • Colorado State University
  • North Dakota State University

Video-conference working languages are Russian and English.
Video-conference will be reported by local TV of Kaluga and Kaluga region.

Date : 15 January, 2010

Place :

In Russia :

248600, Kaluga sity, Stary Torg Square, 2
Building of Kaluga region Authorities

in USA :
North Central Research and Outreach Center
1861 E Hwy 169
Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Main topics:

  • Bioengineering technologies in reproduction of animals;
  • Selenopyrane - the new antioxidant of wide spectrum action and it’s influence on farm animals and birds constitution;
  • The study of basic physiological and biochemical rate-determining factors of milk formation in productive ruminants;
  • The optimization of cows nutrition at the beginning of the lactation period in accordance with quantity and rate of the end products of metabolism;
  • Ways and means to reduce disintegration of fodder proteins in rumen of ruminants;
  • Main researches of Kaluga Research, Design and Technology Institute of Agro-industrial Complex in the sphere of feed production for dairy and meat cattle breeding;
  • Use of various meat cattle species for commercial cross-breeding in dairy farming and meat herds farming in Kaluga Region;
  • Adaptation of nanodimentional powders of biocidal metal in cattle breeding Kaluga region;
  • Adaptation of highly effective sires using physical & therapeutic impact;
  • Possible application of a complex concentrate of flax seed & Hippohan leave cake with probiotics in swine feeding;
  • Identification of IgM+ lymphocytes peripheral blood of horn cattle;


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