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About Us

Scope of Activity

Current Events

15 January, 2010
Scientific and research video conference Russia - USA «Problems of cattle-breeding development in the XXI century»

25 February, 2010
Scientific and research conference «Physiological research methods in neurology»

15-25 September, 2010
XXI Congress of Physiologists Society of Russia under the name of I.P.Pavlov

Past Events

2 December, 2009
Scientific and research conference «Problems of cattle-breeding development in the XXI century»

Main Activities

The main area of our activity — is to provide information and consultancy regarding market research and management support for companies working in Physiology, Medicine, Pharmacology and Ecology in order to gain competitiveness in the internal and external markets.

The priority of our activity is — raising the level of Russian and foreign experts skill and arrange forums, seminars, exhibitions, trade-fairs, competitions, scientific and research conferences and congresses in the sphere of public health and ecology.

We also deal with:


The barest necessity of nowadays is environmental protection and support of healthy society. This is the main factor of our activity. EcoPharmProject mission is to promote communication and cooperation among different sectors of society, focusing upon innovative technologies and developments in the area of ecology and health service.

We consolidate people giving them easy access to the necessary information and service they need.

We provide service forwarding data about new products and service in medicine and ecology.

We create partnership with customers and suppliers, scientific and research educational institutions as well as with local state and municipal authorities.

We establish international liaison for cooperation in spheres of public health and environmental protection.